Cafe Hopper Review: November 8 Cafe @ Upper Thomson Road

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Heard quite a lot from a few friends about this cafe and have been wanting to find time to visit this new kid on the block! Decided to bring Toffee, my pure breed poodle, for grooming and yea…found the time to visit Nov 8 while waiting for her to be done! I was quite a tricky find as the cafe is not exactly that prominent. It’s really hidden behind some corner of a hidden lift lobby! Thank God I managed to find it with guidance from a friend! When I stepped into the cafe, I knew that I would love it here! I like the spaciousness and the simple, modern, design of the cafe! Especially the retro cane chairs at one corner of the cafe… They really are nostalgic and give the place a little vintage taste!

I ordered the Japanese pizza and the crusts of the pizza is really cool and crisply! I love the taste of it but just a bit too full to really enjoy it! The coffee is nice! It’s smooth and doesn’t have the after taste. However, the coffee bean is not as fragrant as I would think it to be! The staff are very friendly and welcoming in general! Trust me, you can just sit here whole day and feel
So at home here!

My friend joined me half way through! Hahaha… She jumped into a cab and reached here in 15 mins! Great lunch time and great time chatting! This place is certainly a great hideout place for cafe lovers! Love the experience here!!!

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Cafe Hopper feeling extremely tired!

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Since the early morning, I have been feeling extremely tired and sleepy. To be honest, I slept quite a fair bit over the weekend but still I am feeling to lethargic. This is the time I wish I am in some cafe corner of Bangkok…ok…maybe Singapore will do. I haven’t got the time to explore some of the latest cafe haunts in Singapore. I guess it’s because every time when I am back at home, I am always busy with work and other matters. Only when I am back in my ‘hometown’….ermmmm….I mean Bangkok, that I have the time to move from cafe to cafe and hop from one corner to another corner. Perhaps I must find sometime to really explore the cafe scene in Singapore and write about them soon.

Anyway, putting this entry is just my way of distracting myself from my lethargy. I hope it works ….

Till next time with more cafes to recommend my faithful followers and readers….

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Cafe Hopper Review: Shrove Tuesday @ Toa Payoh

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This is a recommendation by a friend of mine! Few of us have not met for a long time so we decided to make Shrove Tuesday our meeting place that evening! When we arrived at the cafe, I was surprised to find this very cosy corner right in the heart of a quiet neighborhood! If not because of my friend’s recommendation, I wouldn’t know that the cafe exists in this corner of Singapore!

The name of the cafe is very interesting and if you wish to know about it before going to the cafe you can google the background behind the name! If not, they have it on their wall! Shrove Tuesday is more of a dessert place than a cafe but they do serve pretty nice coffee as well. I ordered my usual latte and interestingly the latte is smooth and the after taste is great! Pricing is quite reasonable here and I should say good for a neighborhood pricing. You must certainly try their waffles and ice cream! They are quite compatible to some of the big names in ice cream parlour!

Besides the food and drinks, Shrove Tuesday is a nice place to chill out with friends! The homely environment makes the place very welcoming and cosy! I really like some of the patterned table top that they have there! Do find some time to visit this cafe and I am sure for a one month plus old cafe, it has a lot of potential.





Cafe Hopper Review: Bluedoor Cafe and Bookshop@Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok

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Was looking forward to visit this cafe since the start of my journey here! Decided to make this my last cafe for the trip and it certainly did not let me down! The cafe in its simplicity has developed it’s own personality and character! From the exterior decor to the interior, the cafe emits a strong sense of local flavor and at the same time not loosing its uniqueness among all the cafés I have visited so far! I couldn’t stop taking photos of little corners of the cafe to give me reader a sense of its artistic flair! This cafe and (UN)Fashion Cafe, just right opposite each other, is certainly comparable and both have a strong personality in doing cafés! I am so glad that they are within the same Soi so that I didn’t have to travel too far to meet one another!

The food that the cafe serve is pretty much local delights. I ordered Krap Bao with chicken meat! This is a very common dish among the Thais! They basically can eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also ordered the Thai ice milk tea! The milk tea is refreshing but again it’s too sweet for me! Another thing I like about the cafe is that it is a good blend of bookshop and cafés! I have not seen anything like this in Singapore and I certainly hope that we will have one soon in the bear future!

My overall experience with Bluedoor is that it is definitely worth the walk from Thonglor to Ekkamai despite me not feeling well! Especially when I got two cafés for a treat! With Bluedoor marks the end of my cafés tour in Bangkok! The very last cafe that I visited for the trip is actually this stand-alone Starbucks just opposite my hotel! It is simply too tempting not to pay a visit! There aren’t many stand-alone Starbucks in Singapore so I thought this is worth the go!

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Cafe Hopper Review: (UN) Fashion Cafe@Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok

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My body was certainly feeling rather tired today. However, still I picked up myself to embark on today’s cafe hopping venture. I must say that I had quite a walk from my hotel to Ekkamai Soi 10 and the weather was simply unbearably hot. I finally reached Ekkamai Soi 10 and found Bluedoor Cafe. Unfortunately the cafe opens only at 11:30am. Ekkamai Soi 10 is a pretty interesting spot with shops selling vintage fashion. While waiting for Bluedoor to open, I took a stroll around the area and guess what, I found another cafe just directly opposite Bluedoor. This is really an interesting cafe because the cafe is one with personality and character. From the outside, the cafe looks like an old, rusty caravan but the inside is far from being a rusty piece of metal. It has a country theme in decor and I love every tiny corner of the cafe. There is a second floor to the cafe but I was too tired to go up for a look.

I ordered an ice latte and some scone. Nothing really fantastic about the food but the ambience of the cafe already mesmerised me so much that it doesn’t matter what they serve. One thing to note is that they make those pastries on their own and I guess that add to the special things about this cafe. Just besides the cafe is a little vintage shop selling vintage fashion.

Overall experience for this cafe, real good one. I love the country theme and its nice just sitting there and listening to all those old country songs, including You are My Sunshine! If you are too tired of walking, you may wish to take a cab here, especially when the weather can be really hot.

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Cafe Hopper Review: Le Pla Daak Cafe@Bangkok Cultural and Arts Center, Bangkok

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I always love to visit the Bangkok Cultural and Arts Centre, BACC. Many tourists would not take time to visit this place as they would be too immersed in the shopping spree just diagonally across Siam Center and Siam Paragon. Just opposite the building is the famous MBK, a haven for cheap imitation products. Thus, its easy for many to miss this building though it is always very prominent if you manoeuvre around the Siam area. Not only would you see gallery of art works and photography, you will also be greeted by interesting shops selling unique art related products. Amidst these shops, there are a couple of nice cafes as well. I was rather tired and was considering whether to have my lunch here at BACC or over at Siam Square or Siam Center. Just when I was getting too tired of thinking, right before me was this interesting cafe. I was attracted by the vintage style decor but wasn’t too happy with the menu. Still eventually I stepped in and decided on this one.

I was so overwhelmed by all the interesting vintage style decor and the many old-school display on the shelves. I simply love the feeling of having old stuff surrounding me. The tables, the chairs, the plaques and the many many different kinds of household stuff that turn into art works in this small, little cafe. I ordered ice coffee and a set of BBQ pork with rice. The coffee tasted pretty right but just a little too sweet. Food served is very home-cook style. Just when I was there, the staff were having their lunch and they seemed to be eating pretty much the same thing as I was. So, if you wish to eat something that Thai people eat at home, this is probably a good place to begin with.

I sat there for a while after I finished my lunch and really just enjoying the very classic Thai songs playing at the background. Overall, the experience with this cafe is good and really a good blend of arts and food within this small space. More importantly, do drop by the BACC the next time you come to Bangkok!

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Cafe Hopper Review: Full Stop Cafe@Soi Thonglor, Bangkok


This is not a difficult find at all! Situated along Soi Thonglor, Full Stop Cafe is a Japanese style cafe serving simple western delights like sandwiches and salad! The decor of the cafe is simple! It’s toys and figurine theme definitely give diners a very Japanese feel and of course the many Japanese magazines and books on display the shelves! Well, weather anyone read them or not is really not that crucial! Placing them there already fulfill the theme of the cafe! This is definitely a good theme as many Japanese stay along Soi Thonglor. Well, if you want a good treat of Japanese food in Bangkok, Thonglor is really the place!

The cafe latte is pretty ordinary and the food as well! I guess you can’t do too much of cooking with a very small kitchen just behind the counter! It took a while for the owner to get ready my breakfast and two other diners as well! Though not fantastically well in terms of food and drinks, it is certainly good for a place to sit around to do some reading! I spent quite a while reading my book this morning!

When you get tired, you can always walk around the cafe and admire the cartoon figurines and well, perhaps just take a look at some of the reading materials on the shelves! I would certainly come back here for a good read I suppose.

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